Tanzania Says It’s Time to Power Southern Region, Boost Tourism Visits


Tanzania is opening up tourism in its Southern circuit to increase the number of visitors in a move calculated to double its revenue.

Tourism Deputy Minister Japhet Hasunga said during his one day working tour to the Southern Rukwa Region that the move will help to balance the number of tourist visits with the north which has been the country’s top region.


“We (the government) are determined to expand the scope of our tourist attractions so as to open up the Southern Zone Circuit which has numerous tourist attractions, including Kalambo Falls, which, unfortunately, have not been fully exploited,” Hasunga said.

The prestigious Kalambo falls are on Kalambo River, on the border with Zambia. The popular fall is 772 ft (235m). It’s the second highest in Africa after South Africa’s Tugela Falls and the twelfth in the World.

The program will be funded by the World Bank through the Resilient Natural Resource Management for Growth (REGROW) program. Tourism accounted for 25 per cent of foreign earnings and 17.5 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the previous financial year according to state-owned Daily News.

Hasunga visited the Kalambo River Forest Reserve and inspected the ongoing construction of special steps, which upon completion would enable tourists easily go 225 meters down to the gorge.


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