South Sudan: Security Pressure mounts on Kiir, Orders State governors to Take Charge


In public message broadcast on state owned South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC), President Salva Kiir ordered governors from the 28 states to take full control of security as situation gets out of hand.

“…please make it a priority to ensure security situation is under control and make an urgent matter to mobilize the communities to accept working together for peace, reconciliation and unity of the people,’’ the statement said.

The nation is currently torn along ethnic lines: analysts, rights activists and observers say a genocide looms in the world youngest country.

But Kiir say social mobilization “…is very important. The country needs to move forward with the implementation of the peace agreement,” .

He has been meeting the governors for closed door security meeting over the last days.

Leading South Sudan online news publisher Sudan Tribune reported that president Kiir is struggling to consolidate his power, as the existence of his administration appears limited to major town in Upper Nile and now Equatoria region.

The country fell back into violence only months shy the signing of a peace deal after government forces and those loyal to rebel leader Riek Machar clashed in July, throwing the agreement into tatters.

Machar fled Juba after his residence was bombed only to resurface in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and later in Khartoum for medical attention after a long walk in the bushes. He is now holed up in Johannesburg South Africa.

Machar and his Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition declared an armed uprising against the government of President Kiir citing its unwillingness to pay attention to a political solution in the youngest country.

Him and a series of other officials from the rebel ranks have been declared unwanted in South Sudan

The tribune says “government has lost control of areas within the Central Equatoria and also major roads that connect Juba to major towns”.

Credit: Sudan Tribune, South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation