South Sudan: Mystery Gunman Kills 11 During attack on English Football fans, Police Arrests Several


Eleven people were killed in South Sudanese capital Juba when a gunman open fire at football fans who had gathered to watch a television cast of the English Premier League game.

The gunman whose motives are still unknown left several injured as he escaped after the attack. The incident according to local media took place in Gurei, a suburb of Juba.

There have also been conflicting accounts surrounding the circumstances and the manner in which the incident took place. Some eyewitnesses attributed the cause of shooting to disappointments with some football fans by other fans.

The suspect was reportedly upset by other fans when a team he supports was beaten and supporters of the rival team started mocking others in unfriendly manner, provoking a shooting at them.

According to Radio Miraya, Police has arrests several suspects in relation to the shooting incident.

Police spokesperson, Justin Daniel issued a statement on Sunday regretting the occurrence of the incident and said the security forces have launched a joint operation to hunt the suspect.

Daniel called on the residents of Gure and Juba town to cooperate with the security forces in provision of any security related information, particularly people suspected to be carrying strange activities in residential areas.