Road ambushes by Machar’s rebels have been neutralized, No threat—South Sudan army Spokesman


South Sudan army has stepped up patrols along the country’s main highways as away of buffering against attacks from armed opposition rebels.

Military spokesperson Brigadier Lul Ruai Koang told Radio Miraya in an interview that the decision to fortify South Sudan’s major highways against the escalating threat from the rebels reportedly allied to Riek Machar has seen tremendous success.

“Generally speaking, the security situation has greatly improved on our roads…and I attribute it to the stepping up of highway patrols by our security forces”

Road ambushes which Machar’s armed opposition have denied knowledge of have surged in South Sudan, sometimes cutting off the capital Juba from both the main land and cross border.

In October, rebel forces reportedly allied to opposition leader Riek Machar ambushed a bus en route to Juba from Uganda and took hostage of passengers, demanding a ransom.

The Incident reportedly occurred in a village in the embattled Equatoria region. Detained Machar spokesperson James Gatdet Dak denied knowledge of the attack.

However, Brigadier Ruai said travelers journeying to and from South Sudan should take extra precautionary measures while travelling

“It is good to get information before you embark on journeying,” he said.


As the security situation deteriorates, Human Rights watch says Both rebels have targeted buses carrying civilians escaping the violence in the equatorial state into neighboring Uganda on the basis of their ethnic extraction.