No Gov’t communication yet: SPLM-IO officials confirm Deportation of spokesperson by Kenya


Highly placed sources say the government of Kenya and South Sudan counterparts deported the spokesperson of exiled leader Riek Machar back to Juba.

South Sudan SPLM-IO opposition officials in Addis Ababa confirmed that James Gatdet Dak was flown to the capital Juba Thursday afternoon following a long detention at the airport in Nairobi.

There has been no official communication from both governments yet. However, James Gatdet Dak was picked from his residence in Nairobi Wednesday afternoon by security operatives from Kenya.

Relatives say he was driven to the airport where he was allowed to speak to some of his family members and relatives according to plural news website Sudan Tribune.

A source quoted by the Tribune said Dak’s deportation was coordinated by “the office of the president [of South Sudan]who paid money to the Kenyan government to execute this operation”.

“They wanted James Gadet to be deported to South Sudan so that Riek Machar is denied an opportunity to speak to the outside world through his spokesman. This is the strategy employed by Taban Deng Gai. Now James Gadet is here. They brought this afternoon. I saw at him at the blue house”, the source said.

Yesterday, SPLM-IO UN Representative Miyong Kuon in a letter addressed to outgoing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, asked for intervention saying the deportation of Dak violates the United Nations charter on Freedom of expression and association, demanding that he should be accorded asylum.

Speaking to the Star Newspaper, South Sudan Ambassador to Kenya Ambassador Mariano Deng said  “We are not going to get involved in the matter as it is between Kenya and the United Nations, not Southern Sudan,”

Analysts say Kenya’s move to deport Dak is part of its angry response to the dismissal of their Lieutenant General Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki as head of the UN peacekeeping force in South Sudan.

Credit: Sudan Tribune, The Star Newspaper


  • SIMSOL316

    The Kenyan government has committed a serious mistake that they will live to regret by deporting a rebel Spoekesman back to the country he had ran from. First, this goes against the Geneva convention, question Kenya’s respect for human rights. Secondly, it puts Kenyans present in rebel held areas into danger of revenge. Third, it shows that the Kenyan government is directly supporting Kiir. As a consequence, Kenya loses any credibility in its efforts to mediate between the warring groups. Fourth, I one day Machar’s faction takes over power in Juba, which is possible, relations with Kenya will not be the same. The Question to the Kenyan government, which has remained quiet on this deportation is the following: What are the short term or long term gains did Kenya intend to achieve through this deportation? If they wanted to punish Dak for supporting the sacking of the Kenyan general, then they rewarded Kiir’s government which also welcomed the same sacking.