South Sudan Security operatives arrest KCB Bank official Over Suspected Transfer of Money to armed Opposition


Security operatives in South Sudan have reportedly arrested a bank official working with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) in one of its branches in the Western Equatoria State, South of the country.

Undercover reports indicate that the army suspects KCB to have transferred a yet to be identified amount of money to South Sudan armed opposition officials outside the state.

Plural news website Sudan Tribune reported that Oliver Domiano who is the branch manager was arrested on from his house and whisked to national security offices.

KCB has recently been accused of aiding money laundering by corrupt government officials in South Sudan, including senior military leaders sanctioned by the United Nations in the wake of the country’s civil war.

The United States-based organisation, The Sentry, after a two-year investigation into corruption in South Sudan, money movement and assets locations, said it found that the Kenyan-owned bank took part in transferring money allegedly stolen by corrupt government officials.

South Sudanese leaders, the report said, transferred millions of dollars of ill-gotten wealth outside the country during a civil war that left nearly half the country’s people homeless or in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

The 66-page report specifically mentioned South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and some of his top associates, along with the country’s former vice-president, Riek Machar, as having invested millions of dollars in real estate in Kenya, Uganda and Australia.

Source: Sudan Tribune