Museveni Says with Abundance of Fertile Soils, Ugandans have chosen to be Poor


Uganda President Yoweri Museveni used the country’s 54th independence anniversary celebrations to appeal to farmers to capitalize on his Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) program to get out of poverty.

With 30 years in power, Museveni says with the available market, technology and provision of free inputs provided by government, Ugandans are poor by choice.

“Our soil in Luuka (where the celebrations were held) here is very rich but why are you poor? You should give me 10 acres of land in Kityerera sub-county, Mayuge district so that I put there a house and I teach you how to use land and get out of poverty,” he said.

He advised farmers to use herbicides and get rid of harmful weeds on their farms in order to realise good outputs. He said the government had bought pesticides for livestock farmers and these were being given out by government under OWC.

Museveni laughed at those who have been criticising him for giving out cash to saving schemes (SACCOs) in Kampala. He said he was not using the money to lure opposition youths but he was doing his work of supporting organised youths to get out of poverty.

“They (opposition) think Kampala is theirs. That is wrong, Kampala is like my garden, I have been there since 1986,” said Museveni adding that he would even give more support to the youth.

He advised the youth in other parts of the country to form development groups saying he will support them.

“You may not all get the support at ago but we shall reach you all one by one,” he said.

Museveni also said he was going to put enough money in the Uganda Development Bank (UDB) for the low income earners to access low interest loans to start up small scale businesses.

“This money will be for those who want to start up small scale industries,” he said.

On the issue of the airline he said he allowed the Uganda Airlines to die because it was not helpful in those days.

“But the NRM government has decided to revive the Uganda Airlines for the country to stop giving out money to other countries for that service. When our airline starts working, the tickets will be cheaper and we shall have the means of exporting our produce,” he said.

“Therefore my dear Ugandans I would like to tell you that the future is bright. Our products are assured of the EAC (East African Community) market and other markets beyond East Africa,” he said.

Source: Observer Newspaper