Machar says Will Advance and Takeover Juba if Political Solution is not found for South Sudan’s Unrest


South Sudan’s exiled rebel leader Riek Machar said Wednesday that if no political solution is found in the nation’s ongoing crisis, his armed forces will move to Juba and takeover.

Speaking during an interview with a Japanese News Agency in Johannesburg, Machar said that there has been sporadic fighting around and sometimes within Juba. President Salva Kiir has always said Juba is now peaceful after the exit of his rival.

“There is insecurity in Juba town and also its surroundings…I don’t think it’s stable,” he said.

He also retaliated that peace agreement signed after 20 months of a brutal civil war in the country has flopped and there is need to find a political solution to the situation in the country.

Following large scale fighting in July between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and those loyal to Machar, Machar fled the country and was dismissed as vice president.

Machar said he is instructing his soldiers to defend themselves as the cease-fire agreement has collapsed. He also admitted that the rebel forces are engaging in combat and blocking necessary supplies to Juba as “part of warfare.”

Machar will remain in South Africa for medical treatment.

Credit: Mainichi