Magufuli Approves Special Health Insurance Program for Military personnel


Tanzania President John Magufuli approved a plan to provide health insurance to uniformed military personnel in the country an official said.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elders and Children Hamis Kigwangala told the National Assembly that the program now awaits proper arrangements for implementation following an endorsement from the President.

“We’re preparing health insurance for the uniformed service personnel. This is part of plan to improve health service benefits for the military,” he said.

Kigwangala said the government has been allocating funds for improving health services in the military including training medical doctors. He said already some 143 medical doctors were hired this year in an apparent attempt to cover the gap from medical personnel in the military.

“The government is also working on extending the newly constructed health institution under German’s support to offer medical degrees. The institution currently offer certificates but we have agree to the suggestion by the parliamentary committee on peace, security and international relations to offer degree courses.”

He said there are some challenges with regard to health centers in the military which include lack of professionals, reagents and drugs. The minister emphasized that the challenge will soon end following the government’s plan to offer health insurance.

“We also hope the problem to be solved after all the medical doctors currently on training get back to their working stations,” he said.

Source: Daily News