Kiir Says UN Facilitation of Machar and Fighters to Escape Signals Underhand to Oust Him


Embattled South Sudan President Salva Kiir said the United Nations (UN) demonstrated its lack of neutrality in the conflict when they aided his rival Riek Machar and his troops escape to Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kiir who was speaking at his residence to some of his confidants and cabinet members said the transportation of Machar was part of the UN regime change strategy.

“They (UN Mission in Congo) transported him to DR Congo and from Congo to where they are today. So it is clear that the United Nations is itself not part of the solution. So people who are now saying we are in a situation where UN is seen as not neutral have genuine concerns.

He added “these are the issues I and members of the cabinet raised with the delegation of the Security Council when they came here”.

The UN in August 2016 said its mission in the DR Congo, Monusco, aided the transfer of Machar, his acolytes and family members after a long trek from Juba. However, they said the transfer was purely on humanitarian grounds.

Fighting broke out in Juba on July 8 2016 between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and rival Machar while both men were locked together in the presidential palace.

About 300 people reportedly died from the clashes and thousand have been forced out of the country to neighboring Uganda. Machar fled the Juba after his residence was attacked by helicopter gunships and bombed.

In a new report the UN said the July clashes were orchestrated by President Kiir and his army chief, Paul Malong Awan to purposely dislodge Machar and reportedly followed him to DR Congo.

Commending his new Deputy Taban Deng Gai for “commitment” to implement the peace agreement, Kiir said Machar had returned to Juba purposely to execute a coup against him but not to implement a peace deal reached after over 20 months of a civil war.

“When Riek accepted to come to Juba, he was not coming for the real peace. He was coming, like comrade Taban Deng Gai said the other day, to implement what he could not achieve in the course of this senseless war. Because he had failed to achieve what he wanted through war, he decided to come to Juba so that he tries it here with the support of his friends,” President Kiir alleged.