Kenya: Ruling Jubilee Coalition Parties Merge—Say New Party “The National Alliance” Will Accelerate Development


Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta’s the National Alliance (TNA) became the fifth party at the Kasarani National Stadium to adopt a resolution requiring the ruling Jubilee coalition affiliate parties to merge on Thursday.

Though the merger meant the parties lost their identity, they were pleased that they would accrue their synergy to form a stronger political party and one that would unite Kenyans across tribes and regions.

“It’s a bitter sweet privilege to address you as the chair of TNA. But today our country will move beyond the politics of ethnicity. We want the triumph of togetherness,” said TNA’s Chairman Johnson Sakaja.

According to Sakaja, TNA had lived to see its dream of delivering development to Kenyans and spreading its wings of uniting the country especially through the formation of one party that has incorporated parties considered as regional.

Despite the hurdles TNA went through especially the International Criminal Court (ICC) cases against President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, Sakaja acknowledged the resilience they exhibited to prove critics wrong.

Among the achievements he considered important for the country was Kenya’s international recognition that has seen world leaders consistently visit Kenya despite warnings of consequences if President Kenyatta and Ruto were elected in 2013.

“We said we believed and it is because we believed, and you believed in us that we are on track with our development agenda,” he told the delegates attending the National Delegates Convention.

 TNA’s merger, Sakaja explained was a step forward to uniting the country for the purpose of enhancing the development agenda of transforming Kenya.

TNA’s Secretary General Onyango Oloo in celebrating the merger said under one party, Jubilee will focus on the future and not only about winning elections.

“Where we are going is bigger and a better house; it is a party solidly founded not only with the agenda to form government. We seek a bigger a vision than forming the government. The party is clear on achieving its economic mandate,” he explained.

Earlier on Thursday Ruto’s United Republican Party (URP), the Grand National Union party, FORD People and Tip Tip Party passed a similar resolutions to dissolve and the join Jubilee Party which will be launched on Saturday.

Source: Capital Fm