Uganda Transport Ministry Launch Operation “Fiika Salaama” to Check Carnage on Lead Highway(s)


Uganda Ministry of Works and Transport together with Traffic Police launched an operation on one of the major highways in the country to reduce the rampant road carnage.

Named “Fiika Salaama”, the operation is designed to sensitize all road users on safety precautions on Kampala-Masaka Road.

The highway which connects Uganda’s capital Kampala to the southwestern town of Masaka has reportedly maimed close to 200 people in a space of six months according to Daily Monitor newspaper.

Uganda Minister of Works and Transport Monica Azuba Ntege said government will start taking strong punitive measures on indiscipline road users believed to be the lead cause of the rampant accidents.

“80% of the accidents are caused by human errors. I don’t know whether accidents are caused due to good roads provided by our government. This time, the punishment shall be taking all incompetent drivers to courts of law” Ntege said

Ntege added that the immediate plan is to arrest, detain, prosecute and charge all “silly” road users. She also said that more Highway patrol cars shall be put along road for easy monitoring and supervision.

“These checkpoints shall cover a-24-hour road surveillance and will be moving from one place to another in the next six months. We shall not allow stationery checkpoints,” she said

The Minister together with the Executive Director of Uganda Roads Authority Allen Kagina, in company of  Police officers in the region started by inspecting all the black spots on the road where they expect to erect safety checkpoints.

Minister Ntege said “Fiika Salaama” will be a continuous campaign and shall be extended to all major Highways in the country.

Credit: Daily Monitor