There won’t be Peace in South Sudan as long as Kiir is Still President—Machar Spokesman


South Sudan opposition says the country will not realize the much needed peace as long as President Salva Kiir is still holding power.

Machar’s spokesperson James Gatdet Dak told Voice of America (VOA) Nightline Africa that the Kiir regime was only interested in violence as a means to consolidate power and wealth through corruption.

“I personally have a strong feeling that as long as Salva Kiir remains the President of our country, there will never be peace and prosperity, but only a vicious cycle of violence, corruption, tribalism and lack of services delivery and development” Dak said.

Dak said the leadership in Juba is currently on a mission to deceive the people of South Sudan, leaders in the region and the world with “false promises” in their “desperate” attempt to seek support and later on forget about the promises.

He was responding to a recent attempt by President Kiir to persuade the region and the international community to distance from the opposition leader so he doesn’t hatch a counter-plot against the regime.

South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei said the region would give Juba a chance to implement the peace agreement with the newly appointed Vice President Taban Deng Gai before they can discuss on the deployment of a third party peacekeeping force.

However, Dak said these promises were hollow and “the people of South Sudan will continue to suffer because they will only be hearing from him [Kiir] a manipulated, non-committal and violent so-called peace that will instead continue to kill people, loot their property, rape young girls and women and displace populations. His leadership is synonymous with violence, war after war,”

Machar is reportedly in a private residence in Khartoum after undergoing medical care following a long walk from Juba to Democratic republic of Congo when fighting broke out between forces loyal to him and those of president salva Kiir.

Dak told the media Machar that will make a public statement at an “appropriate time.”

Credit: Sudan Tribune