Tanzania Registrar of Parties Calls Meeting to Resolve ‘Bad Blood’ between Opposition and President Magufuli


The growing impasse between Tanzania’s main opposition and President John Magufuli administration has prompted the nation’s registrar of political parties to call for inter-party meeting so to end the deadlock.

Retired Judge Francis Mutungi said will hold a two day meeting with political party heads in his capacity as the their custodians to ensure issues can be resolved amicably and through dialogue.

Slated for August 29-30, 2016, Judge Mutungi said “The two-day meeting will be preceded by the Steering Committee of Tanzania Center for Democracy (TCD) which will set out how the negotiations will be conducted,”

“I am confident that all parties, being members of the TCD, will participate in the meeting,” he added.

Noose tightened between President Magufuli and the opposition party Chama cha Democrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) started when the opposition threatened to hold demonstration rallies across the country against they termed as his “dictatorial tendencies”

Magufuli has won some praise from Western donors for sweeping anti-corruption drives since coming to power in November.

But opponents have accused him of becoming increasingly authoritarian, undermining democracy by curbing political activity and restricting live TV coverage of parliamentary sessions.

Chadema has vowed to give Magufuli sleepless nights starting September 1, 2016 over what it termed as exhibition of dictatorial tendencies

The party formed a lobby, Umoja wa Kupambana na Udikteta (Ukuta), Swahili for coalition against dictatorship and whose acronym means wall and is calling on civil society, political parties and citizens to join the movement.

Chairman Freeman Mbowe said “We are going to take to the streets countrywide,”

“Ukuta (wall) is meant to protect you, to protect democracy and to protect the country,” he said urging Tanzanian to join the protest.

President Magufuli earlier vowed to crack down on what he called troublemakers “without mercy”

“Do not test me…I don’t want violence in this country … I will deal with anyone who causes violence thoroughly and without mercy,” he said.