Tanzania: Anti-Corruption Bureau Says has Saved Shs 9 Billion Foiled from Syndicates in Six Months


Tanzania corruption watchdog Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) says has saved close to Tshs 9 billion foiled from clandestine dealings between January and June 2016.

The agency which was established under The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Act of 2007 says a total of 4,138 cases within the period, 412 case files were opened, 3,701 in progress, while 54 have been closed.

Between January and June, PCCB secured convictions in 125 cases while there 152 acquittals.

Some 17 cases were withdrawn while three others were pending at appeals level.

A crackdown on graft formed the core of Tanzania President John Magufuli in the run up to elections in October 2015.

Magufuli has won some praise from Western donors for sweeping anti-corruption drives since coming to power in November.

But opponents of late have accused him of becoming increasingly authoritarian, undermining democracy by curbing political activity and restricting live TV coverage of parliamentary sessions.