Sudan Minister Says South Sudan Opposition leader Riek Machar was in Critical Condition on Arrival in Khartoum


Sudan Information Minister  Ahmed Belal Osman said the nation received South Sudan embattled Opposition leader Riek Machar in a critical health condition and needed immediate care.

In a statement to state run Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Osman without mentioning the date of Machar’s arrival in Khartoum said he was now stable.

“Machar’s health is stable currently and he will remain in the country under comprehensive healthcare until he leaves to a destination of his choice to complete his treatment,” the statement reads.

Kenya based newspaper The Star also reported earlier that sources privy to Machar’s extraction by a United Nations reveal that the opposition leader could not walk and was carried on a stretcher onto the Monusco helicopter.

“He was not well and is suspected to have been shot although his people claim he was injured after walking a long distance. Machar is a soldier who has fought in the bush for many years. How can it be that he had to be carried on a stretcher for walking?” one of the people involved in the rescue was quoted by the Star.

The United Nations said its mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Monusco, aided his transfer into the Central Africa nation.

The star reported further that Machar must have sustained injuries during the fighting that led to his deposition from Juba.

His spokesperson James Gatdet Dak maintains that he sustained the injuries after over 40 days of walking in the wilderness after president Kiir troops Launched an offensive to hunt him down and kill him.

“After 40 days of walking on foot in the bushes (wilderness) for hundreds of kilometers, it is obvious that “any one”, even a young person, can get exhausted and would need care and plenty of rest for days before resuming his or her duty” he said

Dak thanked the Khartoum for the kindness to the opposition leader

Both Sudan and UN Say their assistance of him is purely on Humanitarian grounds

“The Sudan has recently received Dr Rick Machar, on purely humanitarian reasons top of which his need for urgent medical attention…It is to be noted that the brothers in South Sudan have been notified about this,” reads the statement from Khartoum

Also a western diplomat quoted by the Wall Street Journal said the U.N. helped Machar because it believed it was very possible the South Sudanese army would eventually capture and kill him, a move it feared could restart the civil war, and not because of any desire to assist Machar personally.