Spokesperson says Riek Machar is Regaining strength after Long walk, will Speak to Media at Later Time


The spokesperson of South Sudan embattled opposition leader Riek Machar says he  will be able to speak to the media at an appropriate time after a bed rest.

James Gatdet Dak said Machar was regaining strength from exhaustion after walking for hundreds of kilometers for 40 days in the bushes.

Machar reportedly walked from Juba to the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“I understand many people are eager to hear his voice or see him talking to the media. This will happen soon. He is regaining strength from the exhaustion. He walked for 40 days, also dodging bombs dropped on him by President Salva Kiir’s helicopter gunships. But he will speak to the media as soon as he feels stronger,”  he said.

There has been allegations that Machar was in critical situation in hospital in DR Congo.

“No, none of these allegations is true. Only his legs slightly got swollen because of walking for 40 days. He was not wounded. It is obvious that walking for such a very long time would result to extreme exhaustion. However, he has regained strength and it is a matter few days he will appear to the media,” Dak added.

He also said the rest of the political and military leaderships of the opposition faction are with him are doing fine.

The United Nations said its mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Monusco, aided the transfer of embattled and his family into the country.

A Western diplomat quoted by the Wall Street Journal said the U.N. helped Machar because it believed it was very possible the South Sudanese army would eventually capture and kill him, a move it feared could restart the civil war, and not because of any desire to assist Machar personally.

Machar’s aides said he is expected to stay for some days before traveling to Ethiopia.

Credit: Sudan Tribune


  • Kuby Thany

    South Sudan will be nothing without him, the Nation and its people need him desperately, all the evils forces wishing him dead shall fail and eventaully he will restore the dignity of this NATION SS