South Sudan Information Minister Says Gov’t has Agreed with US on 4,000 Peacekeeper Deployment


South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei said nation reached consensus with the United States and accepted the deployment of the proposed 4,000 peacekeepers, but force would not be coming soon.

Makuei led the South Sudan government delegation in a close door meeting with US Secretary John Kerry during his visit to Kenya. He said the parties in the meeting reached common ground on the peacekeepers issue.

However, he said the country will be given time to demonstrate to the region its approach in the implementation of the peace accord before the peacekeepers are let in.

“They are not coming soon and we are to negotiate, because there is no way an intervention force or a foreign force can enter any nation without the consent of that country” Makuei said.

US secretary of John Kerry said the peacekeepers role will be to complement efforts of the unity government by ensuring protection of civilians to enable investors to return to the country.


Makuei said government’s role now is to ensure that there are no hostilities, resettlement of IDPs before they can get to the negotiation table with the region on the issue of peacekeepers.

“We would be given time provided that we moved very fast, provided that we silence the guns, provided that we talked to the IDPs so that they move out of the displacement camps so that they go back to their respective homes, and then we continue to negotiate with the region on the idea of the protection force,” said Lueth. He said regional protection force will not be deployed immediately as expected.