South Sudan Army Declares War on Armed Opposition Under Embattled VP Riek Machar


South Sudan army spokesperson Lul Ruai Koanga said the government has resolved to crush armed forces loyal to embattled opposition leader Riek Machar in the latest scale of attacks.

In a message which also congratulated and applauded new Vice President Taban Deng Gai for his commitment to peace, Koanga said Machar’s power hungry warmongers will have no where to hide.


“Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) reiterates it’s resolve to crush SPLA IO warmongers under the leadership of power hungry former FVP Riek Machar. Machar’s bandits will have no where to hide,” Brigadier Lul Ruai Koang said.

The candid statement comes at a time the opposition faction has retaliated claims that Africa’s youngest nation is back to war and that tens of thousands of troops loyal to President Kiir have been on offensive in the bushes around the capital trying to hunt down the ex-first Vice President.

At least nine people were killed over the weekend in renewed clashes between a spokesman for Machar said on Monday

However, opposition official loyal to Machar dismissed the threats to crush their forces around Juba, saying instead they were ready to take control of Juba, describing Koang’s claims as “wishful thinking” to try to raise the moral of their defeated troops plus their police forces.

With Files from The Sudan Tribune


  • peter manyizzy

    these people have no love for south sudan and whatever they always spread is just violent…i have now clearly see that your love of power as a leader is much more great then even the lives of the people u claim to lead..?
    What kind of leader are you?
    am so ashame to be a south sudanese under these leaders

  • peter manyizzy

    For your information president Kiir and his former FVP Riek Machar can claim that they love the people of south Sudan but it is not true because these two people are complete animal from the bush. If they had love for humanity in their heart this war could have ended early in 2014. I know what happened in 2013 was wrong and worth the fight but not for that long which led to the death hundredth of thousands of people. If you are on social media posting about how NUer/Dinka are might over each other by killing each other you are a big part of the fight as the two because you have no heart of peace.
    You should also know that since the war started in 2013 Kiir and Riek have never visited hospital due to wound of bullets yet some idiots out there are sacrificing their lives through fighting for the leadership of the two. If the two really care about the people of south sudan why don’t they give up the leader to save the lives of people or to save the country? Is their being in position so much important than the lives of the people they claim to leader?
    I also tell you the truth as long as you are going to depends on international community to bring peace to you , you will wait for a long time because they international community is doing a business and earning blood money… if you think I’m wrong , whom do you think is financing the fight? Where do all the weapons come from?
    America never care about what really happen in Africa and they are actually glad that people are in war. Don’t get me wrong the people of America might care but not their government. Here is some chocking truth about how American government is actually benefiting in the war of south Sudan ‘’ South Sudan, accused of killing thousands in a civil war and starving more because it claims to be broke, doled out nearly $2 million to Washington, D.C. public relations and lobbying firms with ties to Hillary Clinton to keep the spigot of taxpayer aid open at full blast, according to a new report.’’
    South Sudan has about 63 TRIBES and only two tribes are disturbing the peace because of two idiots who never care about the people who love them so much more than life. I am a south Sudanese and can never go to war to fight for someone else.
    Some nuer claim that they didn’t go for war because of Riek Machar in 2013 but to the sound and cry of the people who were massacre by Kiir security guard then why are you still fighting now? Kiir I don’t know why you did what you did but I don’t condemn you anymore. All am asking of you and your government is to commit to peace if you truly love the people and the country you lead.
    You will hear more from me soon contact me to discuss about how peace should come in south sudan