Salva Kiir Says UN Wants to Oust His Regime through the 4,000 Peacekeepers deployment Proposal


In response to the a draft proposal seeking approval of 4,000 member peacekeeping force in South Sudan, the country’s  President Salva Kiir accused the United Nations for clandestinely operating against his regime.

“The UN Secretary General [Ban Ki Moon] has constantly advanced negative views against the Government of the Republic of South Sudan and its leadership, including his recent intrusion in the 27th African Union Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, with the obvious intention of influencing the AU’s decisions in favor of his ‘regime change strategy,” reads the dossier in part.

The response signed by the minister of cabinet affairs, Martin Elia Lomuro, and prepared by a committee appointed by President Kiir, demands that “reports on the situation in the Republic of South Sudan be generated and verified by a neutral authority.”

South Sudan said the draft proposal by the United States to the security council to deploy 4,000 peacekeepers was “intended to undercut the provisions contained in the IGAD Plus Heads of State and Government communiqué of the 5th August 2016, and undermine IGAD as a Regional Authority.”

“United States of America, Draft UNMISS Mandate Renewal ‘seriously undermines the Sovereignty of the Republic of South Sudan as a UN Member State’ and that Transitional Government of National Unity strongly objects to these propositions,” the response added.

Source: Sudan Tribune