Rwanda Creates New Espionage Bureau as Independent department in the Justice Ministry


A Rwanda cabinet communique released on Wednesday says the nation has created a new intelligence department under the ministry of Justices.

Named Rwanda Investigations Bureau, the office incorporates The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), formerly under the Rwanda National Police (RNP).


“The prime objective was about improvement in institutional capacity-building; something which was a department and now has turned into a fully fledged Bureau needs its own status, well defined functions and more authority to deliver,” Justice minister Johnston Busingye said.

He said “the Bureau will specifically be in charge of crime intelligence, which will look at the trends of crime, criminal investigations, judicial police which normally handles filed cases and transfers them to the prosecution, and the capacity of getting necessary information and treat them accordingly,”

Rwanda Internal Security minister Moussa Fazil Harerimana said the police will now be able to concentrate on other key functions.

“The Bureau’s mandate will also help in accountability and criminal procedures. Imagine a case where a police officer commits crime and has to be investigated by Police. The reforms will give RIB more powers and authority to independently handle such cases,” Harerimana said.

Credit: New Times