Riek Machar Wants Regional Deployment Quickened, Says Delay will prompt his troops to Capture Juba


Embattled South Sudan opposition leader Dr Riek Machar asked regional leaders to expedite the deployment of a third party force to harmonize the security situation and have him return to his position as vice president in the unity government, his spokesperson said.

James Gatdet Dak told Capital FM news in an exclusive interview that if the deployment fails, he will ask his troops to forcibly capture Juba and evict President Salva Kiir.

“What he wants is to come back to Juba. But first a third party force should be deployed to guarantee his protection; protection of his officials and citizens. The force should take charge in Juba, so that he could resume and continue the implementation of the peace agreement,” Capital FM quoted Dak.

Dak retaliated claims that government forces are on the offensive trying to hunt down Machar and have him eliminated. He said their move is provocative and could also trigger heavy  fighting which can result into ousting of President Kiir if the region doesn’t step in

“If the regional force or third force is not going to be deployed soon to stop Kiir’s forces from going on offensive against Machar’s forces in the bushes around Juba, then we will be forced to move on Juba and take control so that we dismantle the source of such orders to attack,” he explained.

“The other option is to remove President Kiir because he has been a failure.”

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Credit: Capital FM