Opponent applauds Magufuli Leadership but wants him to think Dialogue than repression on Dissent


Tanzania ex-presidential contender and former prime minister Edward Lowassa applauded the administration of president John Magufuli saying has presided over notable progress in the East African country.

Lowassa who was speaking during an interview with Azam Tv said there is likeness in the government of Magufuli with that of the country’s founding President Julius Nyerere.

“President Magufuli is doing a good job… his performance in some areas resemble that of the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere,” Lowassa said.

However, he asked Magufuli to initiate dialogue with opposition members so to resolve the growing political impasse in the country.

Last week, Magufuli said he would crack down on troublemakers “without mercy”, a day after the opposition called for anti-government demonstrations today Sept 1, 2016.

Opponents have accused him of becoming increasingly authoritarian, undermining democracy by curbing political activity and restricting live TV coverage of parliamentary sessions.

Lowassa said political issues must be resolved through dialogue not by issuing orders as president Magufuli does.

“The government is not supposed to be angry; it should have attendance to initiate talks…Through dialogue, we can come up with better solutions to our problems ” he said.

Magufuli has won some praise from Western donors for sweeping anti-corruption drives since coming to power in November.