Kenya Transport Minister Says Nation has set aside Shs 2 Billion to Construct Railway Training School


The Government of Kenya has allocated Sh2 billion for the construct of a state-of-the-art  railway training institute, the nations transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia said.

Part of the money Kenya plans to refurbish its 60-year old Railway Training Institute (RTI) and to set up a new engineering school specializing in Standard Gauge Railway (SRG) technical operations.

Macharia was speaking at a graduation ceremony of 102 students who have been undergoing  technical training on how to operate the Standard Gauge Railway. Kenya is preparing to launch Sh327 billion Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project next year.

He said the money will go towards infrastructure upgrade, and equipping workshops with modern training equipment that will be open to scholars by the next financial year.

The Government said will contribute half of the cash for the project, while the current SGR contractor, China Road & Bridges Corporations (CRBC) and China Communications and Construction Company (CCCC), will give the other half for the construction of the new engineering school.

“Skills transfer is a key component of the deal that we signed with the contractor. It is a provision that we are keenly implementing, in collaboration with the CRBC by tooling our people for the task ahead,” Macharia said

The CRBC is expected to stay longer as the nation is still short of skills to operate the railway.

The new-look railway training institute will be ready in the next two to three years

“I wish to encourage the institute’s management to fast-track this process and work with the operator by ensuring seamless service delivery based on global best practice,” said Macharia.

Credit: The Standard