Kenya Opposition Chief Raila Odinga Rubbishes Formation of Joint party by Ruling Jubilee


Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga rubbished the formation of a new unity party “Jubilee Party” by the ruling coalition saying it is a waste and doesn’t pose any threat to the opposition .

The main political parties in governing Jubilee Coalition agreed to merge and establish a new entity known as the Jubilee Party before elections scheduled for August 2017. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto announced that the party would be formally launched during a national convention on September 9-10.

However, speaking to the media in Nairobi Odinga said he was unmoved by the political posturing and chest-thumping by the Jubilee administration saying it is the people who have the final say.

“I have visited all the parts of this country and learned that Kenyans are tired with this administration that thrives on public relations and buying people,” Odinga said.

The former Prime Minister said the his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party and the entire opposition Coalition for reforms and democracy (CORD) was ready to face any challenge that will be brought by the Jubilee Party.

“We are seeing the opposition in town is trying to organize themselves, the message we are giving them is that we are ready for any challenge they might pose to us.”

Odinga said ODM will not be shaken by the formation of the new party which he said was hot air and a mere ploy to try and reintroduce single party rule in Kenya. He said that ODM will continue to be the majority party in Nairobi.

“We shall win most of the parliamentary seats, majority of MCA seats and reclaim what we gave away unfairly to Jubilee like Woman Representative and the Senatorial position.”

He said Jubilee was just a tribal party with no bearing. “As social democrats, we will continue to unite every Kenyan in readiness for the general election,” said Mr Odinga.

On current debate on the disbandment and reform of the electoral body a head of polls, Odinga said one year was enough to make changes in the electoral body, prepare a new voter register and conduct an election.

Credit: The Standard