#IfAfricaWasASchool: Africans Unite on twitter, Scorn Leaders—“Where did the rain begin to ‘beat’ us”?


Thursday August 25, 2016 recalled the concept of a one African state to life. If the dead were chanced to quietly observe the ‘real world’ ebb and flow, it is likely that the great Kwame Nkurumah, champion of African Unity is smiling in his Mausoleum in Accra.

Africa this Thursday woke up to buzz of humor on Twitter. Bloggers, immensely gifted with satire are sharing their wealth,  pouring scorn at the leadership in a very imaginative context.

What if Africa was a school (#IfAfricaWasASchool) which alumni would be known for which character.

Young Africans are collectively questioning authority invoking incidences in what Chinua Achebe would refer to as the Point “Where the rain began to beat us”

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