South Sudan University Lecturers Call off Salary Arrears Strike, Say will resume Government Reneges on Promise


Lecturers of the five public universities in South Sudan have announced halting a strike after receiving assurances from the government their demands would be met in due course.

Philip Finish Apollo, Chairperson of the Teaching Staff at the University of Juba and the spokesperson of the coalition of lecturers from the five public universities told reporters on Saturday that the decision was made at the general assembly meeting held on Thursday to review progress made on demands.

Apollo acknowledged the receipt of the salaries for two months and promised to pay the remaining allowances in instalments. He however said they would resume should the government renege.

“It was decided in the general assembly meeting held on Thursday to halt the strike temporary”, said Apollo.

“They (officials from ministries of finance and higher education) promised that they will pay us in instalments. So the general assembly agreed to lift the strike from today up to the end of September,” he further said.

Apollo called on all students of the five public universities to attend lectures and asked the administration of the affected higher learning institutions in the country to adjust their calendars and timetables to cover the time lost due to strike.

The decision to call off the strike followed a call by the heads of schools from the University of Juba, the lead university in the country, on lecturers to end the strike, saying it was no longer justifiable after salaries for the months of March, April and May were paid.

Sudan Tribune