Salva Kiir Lacks Leadership Skills, Has Split South Sudan on tribal basis—Riek Machar Spokesperson


The spokesperson of the opposition faction in the South Sudan Transitional Government of National Unity has attributed the current crisis in the country to the mal-political administration of President Salva kiir.

James Gatdet, who is now based in Nairobi was trading accusations with Salva Kiir spokesperson Ateny Wek Ateny during Aljazeera’s dialogue at cross purpose level show—The stream

Gatdet said President Kiir lacks a leadership vision, a thing which has not only bred anarchy in the country but presided over a highly corrupt regime that is insensitive of the needs of the majority South Sudanese. He also said, Kiir is frightened by democracy.

“We have a leadership failure in the presidency of Salva Kiir who is lacking in many aspects. First of all, he is not democratic, he fears democracy and he fears the country to move into a democratic process”.

He said Kiir has also torn the country along tribal lines, a thing which has thrown Africa’s youngest crisis into conflict and a civil war.

“He is someone who is not Uniting, he has split on a tribal basis. Even currently, he is dependent on a tribal organisation which is called The Jeng or Dinka Council of elders. This is an organisation composed of Dinka intellectuals and government officials who provide him with informal advise which he depends on to make critical decisions”

Gatdet said the Kiir administration lacks the commitment to the implementation of the peace agreement which was signed in August to bring an end to the 20 months of the war.

In response to the remarks, government spokesperson Ateny Wek Ateny said vice president Riek Machar must take full responsibility of the criticism too because he was part of government from the provisional independence up to 2011 when the nation was granted full independence.

“If you talk about corruption, you will find that Dr. Machar was the one sitting on the corrupt practices in Juba because President Salva Kiir was first vice president in Khartoum (Before Independence)” Ateny said.

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