Rwanda Puts Ban on Betting and gambling, Says Operators are Breaking Regulations


Rwanda has issued has temporarily ban on betting and gambling games which use slot machines as it seeks for suitable modalities at which such businesses should be regulated.

This came after public outcry, with many opting to bet money meant to sustain their families with hope of making a quick profit, only for the money to be lost leading to wrangles in families.

On different local radio stations, callers-in, especially those living in the countryside, have continuously complained, some saying that these machines are breaking families apart.

The machines have also been accused of inhibiting the saving culture.

In an announcement issued Wednesday, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which is the regulator of the gaming industry, said that after an inspection, they established that some operators were contravening set regulations.

According to the statement, the suspension will stand until the time the ministry finds an appropriate way to regulate their operations.

The ministry also called on law enforcers to make sure the directive is enforced, on the other hand did not ban casinos, lotteries, sport betting and or internet gaming.

The slot machine according to the law is any mechanical, electrical or other device, contrivance or machine which, upon insertion of a coin, token or similar object, or upon payment of any consideration, is available to play or operate.

Credit: New Times