#WeAreSorryAfrica: Egyptians Apologize for Diplomat’s Reference of Africans as “Dogs” and “Slaves”


A Kenyan diplomat and Chairperson of Africa Diplomatic Corp Technical Committee Yvonne Khamati has demanded an apology from Egypt reportedly over remarks made by an official during a conference in Nairobi. Cairo has responded.

In a letter dated May 29, Khamati, said the unnamed Egyptian official made the”uncivilized, undiplomatic, irresponsible, degrading and insulting” comments last week at the end of the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi when he referred to Sub Saharan Africans as “Dogs” and “Slaves”

The remarks were allegedly made in Arabic during consultation on the lack of quorum to pass resolutions affecting Gaza, Khamati said.

She asked for an apology and demanded that Egypt be banned from representing African interests “in any negotiations” as a result of the allegations, which sparked outcry on social media.

Cairo has said it will investigate the accusations.

Many Egyptians took to Twitter to protest the alleged comments with the hashtag #WeAreSorryAfrica.

Cairo said on Tuesday that its foreign minister, Sameh Shoukry, had ordered an “immediate investigation” into the allegations.

But it expressed its “complete rejection of any attempts to cast doubt on it belonging to Africa and its perpetual defence of the continent’s interests”.

“It is completely unacceptable to make the mistake of generalising and making flimsy accusations against the Egyptian state and people that cast doubt on its African identity,” the Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement.

In Egypt, black Africans and other minorities have long complained of racism and discrimination