Tanzania’s Magufuli Says His Government Won’t recruit Until Payroll is Cleared of Ghosts


Tanzania President John Magufuli reiterated a decision that his government will not be recruiting new staff in the public service until it has finalized with the ongoing Payroll audit.

Tough talking Magufuli was speaking during celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Bank of Tanzania (BoT).

Though a temporary move, the decision to freeze government recruitment has left many public service aspirants with arms akimbo. Magufuli asked the hopefuls to wait for at least two months so that the government could accomplish its exercise to weed out ghost workers.

Government still remains the largest employer in Tanzania.

“I decided that we should end contradictions because as the government was struggling to clear non-existent workers, the public service continued recruiting new staff,’’ he said, adding:

“You are struggling to eliminate phantom workers in the payroll, while at the same time another person is employing new people, which make it even difficult to realise if those who are currently being employed are also ghost workers.’’

Local media in Tanzania reported last week that Public Service Management Permanent Secretary (PS) Laurean Ndumbaro issued a circular directing all permanent secretaries, heads of departments, directors, heads of government institutions and chief executive officers of government agencies to freeze new employments as well as stop all salary increments to public servants.

The circular further directed that all permits for sabbatical leaves should be revoked and that transfer of public servants to other offices by awarding them huge salaries that they were receiving in their previous offices should also be halted.

Magufuli tasked senior officials Bank of Tanzania and the national Treasury to supervise all financial institutions by collecting revenues in all transactions made, including mobile phone money transfers.

“Statistics indicate that in March alone, the transactions that were made by telecoms companies stood at 5.5 trillion/- while the amount of tax remitted to state coffers is unknown,’’ he said.