Regional Central Bank Bosses meet in Tanzania to Strike Common Approach to Economic Challenges


Tanzania will host the annual forum of the Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI) region on Monday.

In a statement addressed to the Media, MEFMI said that the event will be attended by up to 40 officials comprising 14 central bank Governors and Deputy Governors from the MEFMI region, technical experts from Investec and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland.

Investec, a multinational Financial agency which provides a wide range of Financial Advisory, Asset and Wealth investment decision services is the financial partner for the event.

The Governors’ Forum is one of the Executive Fora series on MEFMI’s annual calendar of events meant to assist in developing and sustaining a crop of more informed policy makers in the region. The event seeks to address critical issues that impact and affect the role of the central banks in the macroeconomic and financial management of our region.

The theme for the Forum is “Implications of the IMF Adoption of Chinese Yuan as Part of the Special Drawing Rights Basket of Currencies”.  The theme is highly relevant to the MEFMI region, particularly the central banking community as they are the custodians of foreign exchange reserves and facilitators of international trade settlements.