Museveni Swears 81-member Cabinet, Talks Tough on Corruption as he promises ‘Middle Income’ status by 2020


Uganda Veteran President Yoweri Museveni kickoff off his journey to mark 35 years at the helm of affairs in the East African Country by sworing-in a team of 81 ministers, many of whom are read as political rewards.

This time round, Museveni’s cabinet has three members from opposition parties whom he said appointed in the name of national unity and political cohesion as he seeks to consolidate leadership. He asked them to go help lure more souls from their parties

“I welcome the few members of the Opposition who have joined us. Go back and bring all those people who are waiting for a messiah. The Jews have been waiting for a messiah for now 2000 years but the messiah has not come.” he said

He told a fully packed hall at Statehouse Entebbe near capital Kampala that the task a head of them will not be an easier one; to propel Uganda into a middle income status by 2020.

In order to achieve the goal, Museveni said, “We must aggressively look for investments” and to succeed in this areas, “there are must be no delay in decision-making.”

Tough talking Museveni has since his highly contested election victory been warning corrupt public officials that his 35th term won’t be business as usual, it is time to wake up from slumber and work for his people.

And this time, Museveni never minced words: “No corruption or conflict of interest. Somebody is in office and he or she is using it for private gain, that era is finished.”

By the lapse of his term in 2021, Museveni will be the longest serving ruler in eastern Africa surpassing DR Congo’s Joseph-Desiré Mobutu who ruled for nearly 32 years.