Tanzania to Cut Salary arrears for Technocrats, Bulldozer President says the disgruntled should seek Jobs else where


Starting next Financial year, Tanzania government officials and senior technocrats will not earn more than Tshs 15 million in salary arrears, Bulldozer President John Pombe Magufuli said.

He called it a “big shame” for a nation with a current account deficit, and widespread poverty like Tanzania to have a public sector with technocrats pocketing as much as Tsh 40 million at the end of every month. He is currently under working stringent measure to cut public sector spending to spur national service delivery.


“We have people in this country who live as if they are angels residing in heaven; while majority are languished in as if they are in hell. I urge those that are not willing to take home Tshs 15 million to look for jobs else where,”  Magufuli said during his first Public address since being elected President in October 2015.

“We are going to cut salaries for those whoa re paid highly and increase the rate paid to those in minor positions,” he added

Magufuli decried the presence of ghost workers on the public service payroll. Public service ghost workers in Tanzania have led to a leakage of close to Tsh 1.7 billion from the national resource envelope monthly.

Alluding to the Audit that exposed the rot at the tax body Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Magufuli committed to clearing the menace.


“In TRA, we discovered one person who had been paid seventeen salaries. On being asked the cause of his payment, he failed to give substantive answers. Well take Legal action against the fellow” he said

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