Tanzania authorities Holding ‘Illegal migrants’ from DR Congo


Police in the Southwest Tanzanian region of Mbeya is holding seven residents reportedly from Democratic Republic of Congo over Illegal entry into the country.

Local media in Tanzania reported that Police suspects they could be on a human trafficking mission.


Local administrators in the villages of Sama (in Mbeya the region) said they sported the yet to be identified DRC nationals in the bushes, arrested and handed them to authorities.

“They admitted during interrogation that they are from DR Congo and they are on their way to Zaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi,” The citizen newspaper quote Local council Leader.

According to the United Nations,  Due to the conflict in greater part of Democratic Republic of Congo Especially the eastern part of the country, approximately 430,000 refugees from the DRC remain in neighboring countries, particularly Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania.

United Nations High Commission for Refugee planning Figure for Refugees From DRC in 2015


Refugees in DRC

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