Kenya National Assembly initiate Inquiry into ‘Unnecessary referral’ of Patients to Foreign Medical Facilities


Just months after revelations that a section of Kenya Medical Facilities were profiting from unnecessary referral of patients to India and other foreign medical facilities, the national assembly has initiated investigation into the horrific practice.

Kenya Network of Cancer Organisations (KNCO) revealed in January 2016, that foreign hospitals have established a cartel of unscrupulous medical practitioners to ensure a stable flow of patients in which they draw kickbacks.


“It is known and I can go on record saying that some healthcare providers are getting kickbacks of up to $1,000 per patient referred to hospitals in India for cancer treatment that Kenya has capacity to handle,” said chairman David Makumi.

Kenya National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi directed the Health Committee to expedite the matter.

The initiation of the probe follows a petition of a one Brian Onyango, a former employee of Medanta Africare Hospital.

Mr Onyango alleged that the hospital has been hiring and firing medical experts at a high rate, has been colluding to fleece the National Hospital Insurance Fund and has been involved in the referral of patients to India unnecessarily according to the Nation Newspaper.


Kenyan legislators also said the issue surrounding the “unnecessary referrals” could have a close link with the gaps in the education sector especially in the medical schools.

“I’m worried and I think may touch not just the health profession but the Committee on Education. We are nowadays getting many doctors. Universities’ training in medicine need to be checked so that it is established they are teaching medicine right,” the nation quoted a one opposition legislator John Mbadi (Suba, ODM)

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