EALA: Legislator Warns Regional Body against admitting ‘Unstable’ nations to Bloc basing on Economic advantages alone


Kenya representative at the East Africa Community (EAC) law making body East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) asked partner states to lend a supportive hand to the republic of South Sudan, EAC’s latest member.

Ahmed Abdi Ogle who also has served in the Kenyan Parliament indicated that the basis of accepting South Sudan into the community basing on commercial advantages without paying attention to its political and security situation is a terrible mistake.


Ogle made the remarks during a presentation at the ongoing East Africa Legislative Assembly Sessions in Dar es Salaam.

The decision to admit South Sudan as a new member state was announced at the 17th Ordinary summit of East African heads of state held in Arusha Tanzania in March 2016.

Ogle thus observed that extra precaution should be taken by leaders while considering entry of war-torn and politically turbulent nations like South Sudan and Burundi to the block. He says the security situation in such nations pose greater risks to the region at the cost of Economic perks.

“The EAC might become unstable if it continues to let troubled nations like Burundi and South Sudan join to it. This might force our countries to concentrate on  solving conflict rather than development activities,” he opined


At the sitting, the motion to congratulate South Sudan was moved by another Kenya legislator Peter Mathuki. He asked Africa’s youngest nation to ensure security in her territory in order to tap the economic advantages that would come with the admission into the community.

“South Sudan should strengthen peace and security within its boarders to grab economic advantages from other partner states,” Mathuki said.

Ugandan legislator Dora Byamukama asked leaders to expedite plans to admit all countries in the region to enable countries create a common Identity among the citizens.

“We are Africans; we have many things to share due to our geographical proximity. we are just divided by boarders created by colonialist. Therefore, the EAC should speed up the process of of admitting south Sudan” Byamukama Said.

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) is the Legislative Organ of the Community and has a cardinal function to further EAC objectives, through its Legislative, Representative and Oversight mandate.

It was established under Article 9 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community.


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